How It Works

Hey! Meet Rahul, a big time movie buff. He’s always wanted to watch his favourite classic movie on the big screen. That’s when he thought of Vkaao! He created a screening for the movie at a date, time slot (Morning, Afternoon, Matinee, Evening or Night show), and theatre convenient to him.

He then invited his friends and family via Facebook, Twitter etc. to meet a minimum number of bookings. With every Prem , Anjali, and Priya that joins the screening, Rahul gets one step closer to getting his screening confirmed.

Once the required seats are filled, the screening is good to go and they all can enjoy their favourite movie!

Everyone else can keep booking their tickets till the show’s houseful! A few days before the screening, everyone is informed about the exact time of the screening!

But what if the minimum requirement is not met? Rahul, and all the others who paid for the screening, will get their money back!



  • Choose a movie from our movie library.
  • Then choose a screening date that suits you best.
  • Select the theatre and time slot based on the ticket prices and the minimum number of bookings required.
  • To complete the screening creation, buy the first ticket and make your screenings available for others to join.
  • Now comes the fun part! Invite your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, etc. to join your screening.
  • Promoting your screening helps you achieve minimum bookings that will eventually get your screening confirmed.
  • Once your screening is confirmed, you’ll be informed about the exact time of the screening. This will usually be a few days before the actual screening.
  • That’s all! Now you just have to sit back and enjoy the show!
  • BTW, as the host of a successful screening, you can enjoy amazing cashback rewards!


  • Not interested in creating your own screening? You can always join an existing screening.
  • Browse through and join a confirmed screening or help someone’s screening get confirmed by joining one.
  • You can also invite your friends via Facebook, Twitter, etc. for the screening. Why? Because the more the merrier!
  • You’ll be informed about the exact time of the screening. This will usually be a few days before the actual screening.
  • Now you can simply munch on some popcorn and enjoy the show!
Special Occasions

Special Occasions


Now, let’s say its Rahul’s wife’s birthday. He’d definitely want to make her feel extra special, right? So guess what, he decides to book an entire theatre for her! In fact, he also asks her closest friends to come along, since it’s entirely up to him!

Or let’s say he wants to organise a special screening of Ice-Age, to celebrate his son’s 5th birthday. He invites all of his son’s friends and they have an awesome time!

What a great way to make your loved ones feel so special.

  • Choose a movie library which is specifically curated for each occasion!
  • Then choose a theatre and screening date that suits you best.
  • Next, you have to select a particular time slot. For instance, would you like to book for a morning, afternoon, evening, or night show?
  • Now simply pay a specific amount to confirm the special screening.
  • You’ll be informed about the exact time of the screening, a few days before the actual screening
  • It’s as easy as that! Make your loved ones feel extra special!


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