What is Vkaao?

Vkaao is a platform that brings to you a choice of movies, old and new, at a theatre next to you. Start a screening or join an existing screening- your choice entirely- and enjoy a movie wherever you want to!

How does it work?

Let’s say you want to watch a particular movie at a theatre. But said movie is no longer running at any theatre near you. This is even true for old time classics that you may want to watch on the big screen once again. Vkaao lets you create a screening for a movie of your choice, theatre of your choice, and you even the time and date of your choice. You essentially get to watch a movie when you want it, where you want it. This screening will then be made available on the platform for others to join. If enough people pay up for the screening, it is confirmed and you get to watch your favourite movie on a big screen. If minimum tickets aren’t booked, the entire ticket fee is refunded and the screening will be cancelled.

What kind of movies can I expect to find on Vkaao?

An exhaustive library that gets updated regularly. We bring to you movies from a variety of genres to choose from; movies for every mood and preference. You’re literally spoilt for choice!  

Which all theatres can I find on Vkaao?

You have a choice of various theatres that you can choose from. We continue to include more theatres as we move along.

What is a ‘screening’?

A screening is essentially a show created for a specific movie by an individual who then invites you to watch it at a specific theatre at a particular date and time. With Vkaao, you have the choice to either join an existing screening to help make it successful or you can also create your own screening, and make it open for others to join.

What are the costs of creating a screening?

The cost of creating your very own screening is as less as a single movie ticket! You have to book at least one ticket for yourself in order to create a screening.

What are the perks of hosting a screening?

So many! For starters, you’re in charge. You get to choose your movie, theatre and timings. You’re even in control of who you want to invite to the screening. Once your screening gets confirmed, you also earn a cashback in your wallet. But the best thing is that a great time is had by all!

What is a time slot and why can I only choose a slot instead of an exact time?

A time slot is a 3-hour window during which your screening time will be held. Typically, these time slots include: Morning – 9am to 12pm; Matinee – 12pm to 3pm; Afternoon – 3pm to 6pm; Evening – 6pm to 9pm; Night – 9pm to Midnight. We need a window to accommodate this special screenings amongst other shows lined up in the theatre. Since the screening is being created well in advance, giving an exact time for the theatres is difficult.

What are the minimum seats required for any screening?

It changes from theatre to theatre. It also depends on a number of other factors such as the movie, theatre and show-time. Typically, it would be anywhere between 25 to 100 tickets. Minimum seats required for the screening is communicated during the process of creating a screening.

I have created a screening or joined a screening which is yet to be confirmed. What next?

Spread the word! Invite as many people as you can to ensure that the minimum seats required are filled. Once the screening is confirmed, you will get an email notification. The exact time of the show will be communicated to you during the week of the screening. In the event that your screening is not confirmed, you will receive a notification suggesting the cancellation of the show. Subsequently your ticket fee will be refunded.

Will any money be deducted in case the screening I have paid for is not confirmed?

No. The entire ticket fee including all the other charges will be refunded.

Can I cancel my tickets for a screening which is not yet confirmed?

If you have scheduled a special screening, then yes you can. A cancellation fee will be charged to your account. However, we do not allow cancellations for regular screenings.

Once the screening is confirmed, can I cancel my tickets?

No. The show was confirmed assuming a minimum participation. Hence, once the show is confirmed, we will not be able to refund your ticket fee.

What is a Public Screening?

When a screening is listed on Vkaao and is open for anyone and everyone to join, it essentially becomes a public screening. It’s fairly easier to meet the minimum booking criteria of such a public screening, since many people can check it out.

What is a Private Screening?

When a screening isn’t listed on Vkaao and only the person who creates the screening can invite people, it becomes a private screening. Similar to public screening, private screening will also need to meet the minimum booking criteria. This can be made possible when the person shares the screening information with his or her close friends and family, so that they can join in on the fun. But do keep in mind that if you share this information on any public medium, your Facebook wall for instance, then others might be able to access it. Want to really keep it private? Invite people through personal messages!

By when should the minimum booking criteria be met?

About 4 to 5 days before the screening. However, exact cut-off dates vary depending on the day of the week the screening is scheduled. Typically, So, for instance, for a screening to take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the cut-off is 2, 3, and 4prior to the date respectively. However, for a screening to take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the cut-off is 5, 6, 7 and 8 days prior to the date respectively.

When will I be informed of the exact timing of the screening?

Typically, you will be informed of exact timings of the screening roughly 2 to 8 days in advance.

Can I still join a screening if it has met its minimum booking criteria?

Absolutely! You can join a screening until the tickets are all sold out.

How does the payment process work?

Payments are made through our payment wallet partners. For this, it is important that you have the required payment wallet and sufficient balance to carry out the payment.

Can I change my screening date?

Unfortunately, no. You can’t change the date of the screening once it has been created.

What are preferred days?

These are days we recommend for your screening. The further away a date, the higher the chances of people joining your event and higher the chances of your screening taking place. We strongly recommend you create your screenings on weekdays, given the threshold requirements are lower during those days.

How can I get more people to join a public screening?

You can share screening details via email or social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter. Your screening will also be displayed on our Home Page where people visiting our website can view it and join it. You can also use our proprietary social media kit, designed to help you create effective social media invitations.

How do special screenings work?

With this, you have the option to book an entire auditorium for a personal screening of a movie of your choice.  There is no need for minimum booking criteria to be met, giving you the chance to celebrate special occasions at a theatre watching your favourite movie

What happens if I follow a movie or a screening?

As the name suggests, following a movie or a screening will give you access to all the relevant notifications pertaining to it. For instance, you will be notified about a screening created for the followed movie and will even receive a confirmation status.

I can’t find the movie I want to watch on Vkaao. What next?

Write to us! We’re constantly updating our film library, so in the off chance you don’t find a movie you want to watch, let us know and we’ll find a way to get it for you. You can send your title recommendations to support@vkaao.com.

Can I create an event and invite only people I know?

Sure can. When you create your event, you’ll have the option to make it private. When you do so, only people you choose to share event details with will be able to join the event.

Do I need to get in touch with the theatre about my event details and logistics?

Not at all! That’s what we’re here for. We’ll book the auditorium as well as send a copy of the film. The theatre will be notified of your screening and will have an understanding of screening details by the time you arrive.

Can I help out in any way on the day of the event?

If you’re hosting a screening, we recommend you arrive at least an hour early so you can greet your guests. Feel free to take pictures while you’re at it! We’ll be more than happy to see the turnout!

Can I buy my tickets at the theatre on the day of the event?

In some cases, yes. Some theatres might sell tickets for Vkaao screenings, while some others might not. It’s always a good idea to buy your tickets online when they’re still available.


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